Part 1 “Family Therapy – Shielding ourselves from trauma”Author & Podcaster Tashera Simmons x Xavier Simmons – SubjectivityUK x CEWEBITY Live Podcast

“Family Therapy – Shielding ourselves from trauma”

x at featuring Tashera Simmons x Xavier Simmons

Pioneering the next level of conversation, this show will see us diving deep, dissecting a needed topic in a safe and respect-filled spaces to discuss this sensitive topic…

With Special Guest Tashera & Xavier Simmons (DMX’s EX Wife & Eldest Son)

In Partnership with New York City’s ‘Cewebity’ brand

Expect social experiments, authentic sharing and an insight into family experiences, battles and difficulties within our culture. Trauma affects so many of us, lets unpack why and explore how some of us deal with it’s many forms.

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